6 Beautiful Lakes in Jodhpur | Popular lakes destination in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a hub of history and architecture lovers, Jodhpur tourism is booming day by day. Jodhpur tourist places in India include Mehrangarh Fort, Kaylana Lake, Balsamand Lake, Ranisar Lake, Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, and of course, Ghanta Ghar Jodhpur. It is also a city full of businessmen and traders, who come in search of new avenues. Jodhpur is a place for everyone – from individual travelers to families looking for a good time. The city is not only captivating because of its beauty, but the local people are also very hospitable. It is really gratifying to visit a city where you feel welcome and at home. If you want to visit these given below famous lakes in Jodhpur then you can hire a taxi service in Jodhpur and can explore these beautiful lakes.

These are the Famous lakes in Jodhpur

1. Kaylana Lake, Jodhpur

Located at a distance of 8 km to the west of Jodhpur, Kaylana Lake is a huge man-made lake, covering a surface of 84 sq km. Built by Pratap Singh in 1872, it serves as the primary source of drinking water for the citizens of Jodhpur and other neighboring settlements. This lake is a must-visit for most travelers taking a road trip between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur in a peaceful location. It also serves as an excellent view of sunset in Jodhpur.

The ancient lake is surrounded by Babylonian trees, hills, and rocks, providing travelers with many panoramic views across its borders. A favorite among bird watchers, a variety of bird species can beat the heat of Rajasthan while enjoying the cool breeze of the lake. The Siberian Crane can also be seen here during winter. Visitors can take advantage of boating services to explore the area or have a picnic by the lake if they want to relax in a calm and quiet environment. Kaylana Lake is a great place to connect to many other tourist places near Jodhpur, such as Machiya Biological Park, Machiya Fort and various Shiva temples. All these sites are within a radius of 5 km from the outskirts of the lake, this is the best lake in Jodhpur.

how to reach

The lake is about 8 km from the city center of Jodhpur. State-run buses and shared autos and rickshaws are easily available from the bus stop. Alternatively, you can hire a cab or a private taxi. If you are driving, you can take the route leading to Chapasni Road.

2. Balsamand Lake, Jodhpur

Famous for being the Bal Samand Lake Palace site, a resort in Jodhpur, Balsamand Lake was built in the 12th century. Situated just 5 km away from Jodhpur, it is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The lake was built in 1159 AD by the Gurjara-Pratihara rulers to save the Jodhpur city from drought. Maharaja Sur Singh, who was the creator of this artificial lake, was awarded the title of Sawai Raja in return for his impeccable services. Surrounded by lush green gardens, it has a variety of trees like mango, papaya, pomegranate, etc. The 17th-century Balsamand Palace on the lake, a red sandstone architectural marvel, overlooks the lake.

The mesmerizing lake, the summer home of the Jodhpur Maharajas, had become famous for its surrounding property. It not only offers a luxurious stay experience but also offers an idyllic place to enjoy sunset views and picnic by these beautiful lakes in Jodhpur. You can take a long walk along its waters or have dinner while you sit in the Balsamand Palace restaurant and enjoy the beautiful lake view. Admission to the lake is free, however, it may cost a bit to visit the gardens depending on the season.

How To Reach Balsamand Lake

The most comfortable way to travel to Balsamand Lake is to book a cab in advance or organize a transport vehicle with the hotel you are staying at. While traveling from the airport you will have to reach NH 65, from where you will reach your destination by turning left on NH 114. Local buses are also available for your convenience.

3. Sardar Samand Lake, Jodhpur

Sardar Samand Lake is near Jodhpur city. The lake is 60 km southeast of Jodhpur on the Jodhpur-Pali road. The view of this lake is breathtaking. Sardar Samand Lake attracts countless varieties of migratory birds. So, if you are a bird watcher, this is the place. Its calm waters also attract tourists who come to enjoy the peace and solitude of this place.

On the way to Sardar Samand Lake, you can visit the Wildlife Sanctuary in Jodhpur, especially the Black Buck, Nilgai, and Chinkara roaming around. Even Ratta presents you with an interesting drive while enthralling you. The countryside with its vibrant villages and smiling village people gives you a taste of the hospitality of the region. The route also passes through Bishnoi villages, an old community.

The path of the lake along with the lake offers a virtual treat to the photographers. On a hill opposite Sardar Samand Lake is the summer palace of Maharaja Umaid Singh. It was once the hunting ground of the royal Jodhpur family. It has now been converted into Sardar Samand Lake Resort. The resort offers some of the most breathtaking views of the magnificent lake.

4. Gulab Sagar Lake, Jodhpur

Another beautiful lake of Jodhpur is Gulab Sagar Lake which was formed in the year 1788. This exquisite lake is located in Sardar Market of Jodhpur city. Gulab Sagar Lake is located 6 km away from the old city area. The lake was constructed under the supervision of Gulab Rai. Gulab Sagar Lake was earlier known as Bavari, which was the source of water.

The size of Gulab Sagar Lake is 150×90 meters and it took around 8 years to complete the construction of the entire lake. Water is supplied to the lake through a canal that flows from Bal Samand Lake. There are many attractive places near Gulab Sagar Lake. One of the most attractive places near the lake also includes Kunjbihari Temple. Kunjbihari Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Tourists are attracted to the beauty of Gulab Sagar Lake due to the presence of this beautiful temple located on the premises. Kunjbihari Temple is one of the architectural marvels built in the city of Jodhpur. The entrance and top of the temple are exquisitely carved with beautiful patterns and designs. The main entrance of the temple includes a beautiful idol of Meera Bai. Meera was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. There are two more beautiful idols in the temple. Statues of Lord Hanuman and a saint named Namdev can be found at the entrance of the temple.

Located near Gulab Sagar Lake, Kunjbihari Temple is similar to Ghanshyamji Temple in Jodhpur city. The main idol of the temple, Lord Krishna is placed in the central hall of the temple. The central hall is also known as the Garbha Griha.

5. Padmasar Lake, Jodhpur

There are many remarkable and beautiful lakes in Jodhpur. There are two important lakes located about 5 km from the city center. These two lakes are Ranisar Lake and Padmasar Lake. Ranisar Lake was formed in the year 1459 near Fateh Pol in Mehrangarh. It was built by Queen Jasmde Hadi. She was the wife of Rao Jodha.

Padmasar Lake was built by Rani Padmini. She was the daughter of Rana Sanga of Mewar. Both these lakes were created about 500 years ago to save water. So the land near these rivers rarely runs out of water.

6. Ranisar Padamsar, Jodhpur

Ranisar and Padamsar lakes are two adjacent lakes in Jodhpur, which were formed 500 years ago. They are located behind the Mehrangarh Fort, near Fateh Pol. These scenic lakes were created to conserve water, as Jodhpur falls in a desert region that lacks water. The serenity of these adjacent lakes is complemented brilliantly in contrast to the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort, making it a sight to behold. The clear waters have been preserved and maintained for centuries, providing a serene vibe and an almost identical reflection of the grand fort on its surface.

The two lakes were developed by two different queens in the 15th century. Ranisar Lake was built on the orders of Rani Jasmde Hadi, wife of Rao Jodha, the founder of Jodhpur. Padamsar Lake was built by Rani Padmini, daughter of Rana Sanga of Mewar. These lakes were created to conserve water in the desert region, serving as a classic example of the centuries-old tradition of royal women overseeing public water systems. They represent the classic water storage systems that exist throughout this region. They are considered a continuous source of water in the city. Must visit these beautiful lakes in Jodhpur.

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