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Jodhpur referred to as a “Blue City”, is one of the famous Tourist places of Rajasthan. Jodhpur has many reasons to explore its history, culture, tradition, Geography, and shopping places. While you arrive in Jodhpur check out some best resorts in Jodhpur to stay.

List of Resorts in Jodhpur

Here is a list of some best resorts in Jodhpur that give you the amazing vibe of Jodhpur.

1. Resort Umaid Bhawan Palace

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Best place to visit jodhpur in 2 days
Umaid Bhawan Palace

This 5-star resort has literally transformed into a palace hotel, making it one of the most iconic wedding resorts in Jodhpur. A symbol of the luxury and grandeur of Jodhpur, the palace is still home to the erstwhile royal family of Jodhpur. Located at the highest point in Jodhpur, you are entitled to spectacular views of the “Blue City” during your stay at this luxurious hotel in Jodhpur.

Luxurious and decorated with art decorations, the rooms reflect royalty in their highest form as warm hospitality and luxury charm you in every corner of the palace. You can also take the Heritage Walk to relieve the Begon era of the erstwhile rulers. Built between 1928 and 1942, the palace hotel now stands tall as a symbol of the royal heritage of Rajasthan.

Location: Circuit House Road, Jodhpur

2. Amargarh Resort 

Amargarh Resort ,Resorts in Jodhpur
Amargarh Resort

Treat yourself to the most delightful stay at Amargarh Resort with your friends and family and make your holiday extravagant. The resort is an impeccable combination of artwork and contemporary that does not make it similar to alternative resorts. The resort is very well equipped with all positions of workmanship offices.

This resort near Jodhpur is the highest in Rajasthan. The property is focused on empowering the visitor, with a collection of lavish nutrition every minute, a warm atmosphere, and an inquisitive old-world appeal guaranteeing a detour that will return to you again and again.

Location: Opposite Shubham Farms, Pal Rd, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

3. Marugarh Resort

Marugarh Resort, Resort in Jodhpur
Marugarh Resort

If you want to enjoy the expansive views of lush greenery from the balcony of your room and take a dip in nature, Marugarh Resort is one of the best resorts in Jodhpur, It’s located in a quiet and pollution-free area. Choose from 50 deluxe rooms, or book a suite if you want to experience luxury and comfortable royalty.

With a multi-dining restaurant and a swimming pool in the complex, you have all the facilities here for a supernatural sojourn. The resort also has a banquet hall, a conference room, and lawns, which are ideal gate-to-setup for both personal and professional.

Location: Chopasni, Jaisalmer Bypass, Jodhpur

4. Samsara Desert Camp and Resort

Samsara Desert Camp and Resort, Resorts in Jodhpur
Samsara Desert Camp and Resort

Located in the middle of the desert, Samsara Desert Camp & Resort is an ideal gateway oasis. The resort features 24-hour room service, laundry, and medical assistance during the stay. With modern amenities, the place has many attractions such as Ocean Temple, and Mehrangarh Fort. The Samsara Desert Camp & Resort also has a rejuvenating conference hall, a Rajasthani handicraft shop, a specialty restaurant, and a grand swimming pool with a bar.

Each villa is accompanied by a private garden, with an expansive public area, swimming pool, jeep safari, traditional Rajasthani music, and private dunes, making it a true oasis resort. For a clean living, employees daily clean rooms and common areas. Sanitiser dispensers are placed in all common areas such as the front desk, reception, and lift.

For food, a multi-cuisine restaurant has been set up, which serves other cuisines along with traditional Rajasthani food. Along with gourmet food, one can also taste refreshing cocktails and mocktails at home bars. Due to all these facilities, Samsara Desert Camp and Resort is the Top resort in Jodhpur.

Refresh your stay in the desert, with complimentary cocktails and sumptuous breakfasts. Enjoy a therapeutic massage at the in-house spa and an attractive jeep safari in the desert. Enjoy lip-smacking cuisine at the in-house restaurant of Samsara Desert Camp and Resort.

Resort Location: 115 km Milestone Post – Dechu Jodhpur-Jaisalmer Highway, NH125, Jodhpur

5. Lariya Resort

Lariya Resort, Resorts in Jodhpur
Lariya Resort, Jodhpur

Located on the Jaisalmer-Jaipur highway, Laria Resort is a budget hotel with four-star facilities. Surrounded by hills, the resort is built in lush greenery and provides peace and tranquillity from all sides. For a rejuvenating stay at the resort, you can choose from several rooms available in the Deluxe, Standard Deluxe and Suite categories.

To enjoy a lip-smacking meal, you get several options such as a multi-dining restaurant, poolside restaurant and an open terrace restaurant on the premises. The resort is only 13 km from Jodhpur Airport and is easily accessible and is one of the best resorts near Jodhpur.

Location: Pal-Chopasni Bypass, Chopasni

6. Garh Govind Resort, Jodhpur

Garh Govind Resort, Resort in Jodhpur
Garh Govind Resort, Jodhpur

Garh Govind Resort is situated in the midst of a beautiful and attractive palace and needs you and your family. The Heritage Hotel is built around a central courtyard in the Rajasthani style. Garh Govind Hotel and Resort attractions include Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Bhawan Palace. Masuria Hill Garden and Hanwant Garden are also worth visiting. It offers free Wi-Fi, a travel desk, meeting facilities, a fitness center, a restaurant, and a bar. Its lush gardens, luxury pool, and spacious parking lot within its premises also add a unique feature. All these specialties make the best luxury resorts in Jodhpur. The retreat takes proper care of hygiene and cleanliness with room service and daily housekeeping. To ensure the utmost care and personal safety of the guests, sanitation is done every day.

Aromatic multi-cuisine restaurant serving authentic traditional Rajasthani cuisine from Live Kitchen where chefs perform at their best and ensure safety with food. A beautiful location with a lush green garden with a private dining area full of traditional Rajasthani surroundings for the desired exclusivity.

Staying in your Rajasthani style serves a wide range of tastes and Western cuisine along with arrival drinks and Indian cuisine, while the freshness of the product is ensured as most vegetables and herbs are grown in nearby fields with organic vegetation It is grown in the garden. . Take a hassle-free ride in a comfortable air-conditioned car from the airport/bus/railway of Jodhpur.

7. Rawla Osian Resort 

Rawla Ocean Resort Camp Jodhpur, Resort in Jodhpur
Rawla Ocean Resort Camp Jodhpur

Looking for the best resort in Jodhpur, The Ocean gives the traveler the first true glimpse of the desert, with beautiful mounds on one side and rocky terrain on the other side. With its rich culture and abundance of historical places, wildlife, and clean dunes, it should be a travel destination for holiday planning in Rajasthan.

Rawla Ocean Resort Camp Jodhpur – Located in the center of the Thar Desert near the ancient and picturesque desert town of Osian on the Jaisalmer Highway. Designed like an old desert fort situated in a vast belt of sand dunes, the Ocean Sand Dunes Resort & Camps (Rawla Ocean) offers guests the chance to spend time in the middle of the desert, away from all the mess.

Osian Resort Camp Restaurant in Jodhpur offers a choice of Rajasthani and Indian Continental cuisine in a cozy rural setting. Traditional Rajasthani food is served during a cozy campfire against the backdrop of melodious sounds, While enjoying local folk songs after the meal, guests can enjoy a relaxing evening count of endless stars at night. The camp is also ideal for weddings/theme parties and gala dinners.

Location: Pratap Nagar, Osian, District Jodhpur, Rajasthan

8. Jhalamand Garh Resort, Jodhpur 

Jhalamand Garh Resort,Resort in Jodhpur 
Jhalamand Garh Resort, Resort in Jodhpur

Jhalmand Garh Resort is a unique blend as it combines the best of both cultures and the architectural brilliance of Mewar with the unmatchable traditional hospitality of Marwar. This gives a guest a chance to see a traditional Rajput house and also participate in their customs. The resort has all the attractions and all the forts and Hapur are located in the city center of Jaipur. The resort has all the basic facilities such as WiFi, a 24-hour help desk, a travel desk, a doctor on call, room services, etc. Retreats have and continue to increase the frequency of cleaning public areas (lobbies, elevators, doorknobs, common washrooms, etc.). To use hospital-grade germs. The entire property has more antibacterial hand sanitizers.

This resort in Jodhpur has well-kept lawns filled with flowers and the sounds of peacocks and parrots. The beautiful pool with lawn is another major attraction of the mansion. The illustrious ‘Darikhana’ or ‘Diwan-i-Aam’ where the rulers are now used as lobbies for organizing the court. The lush green lawns are a very welcome sight in this otherwise arid region. Guests are received in traditional Rajasthani Rajput customs and are made to feel part of the family. The accommodation provides a terrace.

In addition, the Stay Resort offers superb breakfast and discount vouchers on food and beverages to taste the local cuisine or have a digestible candlelight dinner, which includes two bottles of cocktail / mokatel, included in the package There are memories and use of a private pool at the resort to enjoy the day.

Resort Location: Post Office Jhalamand, Jodhpur

9. Manvar Desert Camp & Resort, Jodhpur 

Manvar Desert Camp & Resort, Resorts in Jodhpur 
Manvar Desert Camp & Resort, Jodhpur

Manwar Resort, Jodhpur is situated in the middle of the sand dune region of Rajasthan and is built in the style of a rural settlement against the backdrop of a desert landscape. Providing warm and comfortable interiors that have retained the original beauty and royalty of Rajasthan in its red and beige stone structure.

Manwar Resort and Desert Camp Jodhpur also have access to nearby places like Mehrangarh Fort, Phool Mahal, and Jaswant Thada. The resort has basic facilities such as luggage assistance, WiFi, doctor on call, parking space, room service, a 24-hour help desk, and a travel desk.

As the best luxury resort in Jodhpur, Manwar Resort has increased the frequency of cleaning public areas (including lobbies, elevators, doorknobs, common washrooms,) and continues to use hospital-class disinfectants. The entire property has more antibacterial hand sanitizers.

The Manwar Resort has an in-house restaurant that opens to two courtyards. It is atmospheric to dine in an open courtyard under a tree and feast on mouth-watering local delicacies. Bathing elements in the swimming pool are ideal for both the morning swim power and a cool dip in the evening for the elements under the open sky.

In-house restaurants may also have other inclusions in addition to the Manwar Resort offering a discount voucher on food. Desert Experience – An adventurous drive in rugged four-wheel jeeps, where anyone will scramble and climb in dunes and high forests.

A gentle drive through the terrain (about an hour and a half) is a great way to cover the distance needed to find a herd of free-roaming wildlife. Go for Bird Watching, 45 km from Manwar, in the world-famous village of Kitchen, where thousands of migratory birds, especially Siberian cranes, arrive.

Resort Location: Khiyasariya, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

10. The Fern Residency, Jodhpur

The Fern Residency, Resorts in Jodhpur
The Fern Residency, Resorts in Jodhpur

Business travelers visiting Blue City can experience a stay at The Fern Residency, Jodhpur. One of the best luxury resorts in Jodhpur. The world-famous Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace, and Jodhpur railway station are all quite close to the property. The striking location allows tourists to travel with friends and family as an option to stay at this resort. An amalgamation of traditional motifs and modern designs can be found in property buildings. There is a gym, a conference room, a tour desk, and luggage storage for the stay, with complimentary WiFi and an outdoor swimming pool. For a clean living, employees daily clean rooms and common areas. Sanitiser dispensers are placed in all common areas such as the front desk, reception, and lift.

The city of Jodhpur is visible to the dining ocean and serves a variety of local and international cuisines. The View is a grill and barbecue restaurant that also specializes in North Indian sarees. ROS (Sound Republic of Sound) is an in-house pub and holey water of choice.

Join the stunning camel safari amidst the beautiful Thar Desert, with its grand stay. Enjoy delicious breakfast and lip-smacking dishes at Fern Residency Jodhpur.

Resort Location – 1B/A, Police Line, Next To Loco Shed Road, Subhash Chowk, Ratanada, Jodhpur.

11. Resort Nirali Dhani

Resort Nirali Dhani, Resorts in Jodhpur
Resort Nirali Dhani

There is yet another heritage resort in Jodhpur for family which is an indisputable necessity for you while travelling with your friends and family. Norli Dhani is a resort that will make your stay more comfortable and agreeable. This ethnic extravagance resort in Jodhpur is a part of Sarai Shri Ram Excellency. The resort is an ideal case of Rajasthani style. The resort also offers an ideal peaceful meal.

Location: Siddhanath Circle, Near Chopasni Filter House, Chopasni Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

12. RAAS Resort

RAAS Resort, Resort in Jodhpur
RAAS Resort

To see the majestic Mehrangarh Fort, RAAS is the first boutique hotel adorned with ancient and modern styles. While the structure inherits the presence of a haveli, the modern interiors and patterns are a strikingly beautiful contrast that provides luxury and comfort in Jodhpur and is also the best 5-star resort in Jodhpur.

All the rooms in RAAS offer breathtaking views of the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort. Located near Stepwell, the resort also offers stepwell view rooms for guests who want a cultural glimpse of Jodhpur. Situated in the midst of a bustling city, RAAS is a sharp contrast to ancient and contemporary luxury, giving you a royal stay in the Blue City.

Location: Toor Ji ka Jhalra, Makrana Mohalla, Jodhpur

13. Bal Samand Lake Palace Resort

Bal Samand Lake Palace Resort, Resorts in Jodhpur
Bal Samand Lake Palace Resort

Situated 8 km away from Jodhpur, Bal Samand Lake Palace is one of the best resorts in Jodhpur Rajasthan offering a serene experience away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Built by Maharaja Jaswant Singh 1 in the 17th century, the palace offers a beautiful promenade along the lake for enchanting views.

The heritage hotel reflects the fine Mughal architecture and offers mesmerizing views of the lake and lawns while serving you with the best modern facilities. All the rooms are equipped with luxurious bathrooms and mini-fridges, offering you a royal stay at the resort in Jodhpur.

14. Fun World Resort

Fun World Resort, Resorts in Jodhpur
Fun World Resort

Ideal for a fun weekend, Fun World Resort offers a combination of a quiet stay and exciting fun as you immerse yourself in nature at the resort. Enjoy stunning views of mango orchids, or just relax with a refreshing bath in the swimming pool.

The resort also offers an area of ​​sports and adventure activities in Fundustan, which has many recreational rides for adventure enthusiasts. The resort has 46 boutique cottage rooms, a swimming pool, and lawns ideal for a weekend of busy city life and is also known as the best resort near Jodhpur.

Location: Opposite Filter House, Chopasni Road, Jodhpur

15. Thar Oasis Resort & Camp

Thar Oasis Resort & Camp, Resorts in Jodhpur
Thar Oasis Resort & Camp

If you are looking for a royal stay at a budget cost, Thar Oasis Resort in Jodhpur is the perfect option for you. Offering you a chance to indulge in the culture and art of Rajasthan, the resort hosts various events and activities in which its guests can participate. Offering two types of accommodation, the resort gives you the thrill of staying in camps as well as the pleasure of relaxing in a resort.

Location: Phalodi – Dechu Rd, NH125, Village, Gumanpura, Dechu, Rajasthan 342314.

16. Deora Resort, Jodhpur 

Deora Resort,Resorts in Jodhpur
Deora Resort, Jodhpur

Experience the rich culture and breathtaking beauty while enjoying the finest excellent service of Deora Resort and Hotel which is the top resort in Jodhpur. On one side of the charming city and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the unique location of the Devara Resort offers an atmosphere and convenience like no other. Mehrangarh Fort, located in Jodhpur, 11 km from Devra Resort and Hotel, has air-conditioned rooms and a garden. This room also has family rooms. The accommodation has a 24-hour front desk and room service. For a clean living, employees daily clean rooms and common areas. Sanitiser dispensers are placed in all common areas such as the front desk, reception, and lift.

In addition, the hotel offers a spacious and well-equipped meeting/conference room with video conferencing facilities. The banquet hall of the hotel is quite spacious and allows it to host an in-person rendezvous keeping in mind the social differences. Therefore, with all these facilities, the hotel provides a comfortable stay for the guests.

As it is located at Surpura Dam, you will have a chance to go on a guided tour at Surpura Dam and with it an exciting chance to see different species of birds in a bird watch tour at a farm near the resort. Apart from the comfort of your room, enjoy discount vouchers on signature Rajasthani and Indian cuisine at the hotel restaurant.

17. The Prem Beacon Resort

The Prem Beacon, Resort in Jodhpur
The Prem Beacon Resort

Located at a distance from the beautiful clock tower and walking distance from Sardar Market, Prem Beacon Resort aims to give you the best science in Jodhpur.

Falling on the list of some of the best 5-star resorts in Jodhpur, it is packed with some of the best amenities and amenities for your stay. Providing economically quality hospitality services at the Prem Beacon Resort, you can choose from three different types of accommodation.

Location: 71 B/1, Bhagat Ki Kothi Scheme, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342005.

18. Shagun Resort

Shagun Resort, Resorts in Jodhpur
Shagun Resort, Jodhpur

Relax in this decant resort, which offers the best luxury and special experiences for the tourists of Jodhpur. The Shagun Resort is home to some great surroundings and is located at a suitable distance from the city. This factor supports Shagun to a calm and serene place so that it can rest with your friends and family. Like many other Jodhpur resorts, this resort also has all the basic facilities; to top it off, it also offers uniqueness like a camp experience.

This special resort accommodates wedding functions and offers special services and packages for the same. The resort has facilities such as a swimming pool, kids play area, badminton and tennis courts, indoor games, a gymnasium, a barbecue restaurant, and a small family theatre. These facilities are very much at a reasonable price when offered by Shagun Resort when compared to other resorts in Jodhpur.

Location: Near Raj Engineering College, Jaipur Highway, Village Devali, Banar Rd, Jodhpur

19. Eight Steps Resort

Eight Steps Resort, Resorts in Jodhpur
Eight Steps Resort

Eight Step Resort, Jodhpur offers a list of some of the best and budget-friendly resorts, offering you a stay that is comfortable and enjoyable.

From a swimming pool to a splash in an outdoor sitting area to sip your morning tea, the resort offers its guests various top notches and amenities. There is also a balcony in various rooms from where you can enjoy the sunset while spending peaceful time with your loved ones. From a railway station to the airport, all transport facilities are close to the resort.

Location: MANDALNATH CIRCLE KARWAR ROAD DAIJAR, Shastri Nagar, Jodhpur, India, 342304.

20. Hariyali Dhani Camps And Resort

Hariyali Dhani Camps And Resort, Resorts in Johdpur
Hariyali Dhani Camps And Resort

One of the most famous resorts in Jodhpur Rajasthani, Hariyali Dhani Camp and Resort provides you with the perfect holiday experience.

From beautiful surroundings to an array of adventure activities, this resort ensures that every age group enjoys living here. From camel rides to jeep safaris, you will be entertained with a variety of fun activities. Displaying the proper essence of Rajasthani culture, the resort hosts evening events in which folk dances and folk music can be enjoyed.

Location: NH-125, Jodhpur –Jaisalmer Road Tehsil – Shergarh, Distt, 51 Miles, Dheerpura, Rajasthan 342023

21. Shikargarh Palace Resort

Shikargarh Palace Resort, Resorts in Jodhpur
Shikargarh Palace Resort

One of the most famous family resorts near Jodhpur, Shikargarh Mahal Resort has been hosting its guests for many years. Famous for its incomparable hospitality and a range of amenities, Shikargarh Palace Resort attracts tourists. Rooms here come in two types and are both comfortable, comfortable, and full of amenities. The resort has a children’s play area and an open lawn where you can enjoy some playful moments with your loved ones.

Location: Near mini-market, Shikargarh, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342007.

22. Club Mahindra Resort Jodhpur

Club Mahindra Resort , Resorts in Jodhpur
Club Mahindra Resort Jodhpur

Club Mahindra Resort Jodhpur is located near various tourist spots. Considered to be one of the finest 5-star resorts in Jodhpur, the resort offers a range of luxurious amenities and facilities in swimming pools and in-house restaurants. The rooms here feature beautifully chic interiors and are full of basic amenities.

Location: Hotel Pratap Niwas, Jhalamand, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342013.

23. Ajit Bhawan Resort

ajit bhawan resort, Resorts in jodhpur
Ajit Bhawan Resort, Jodhpur

If you are planning a heritage stay then this is the ideal heritage resort in Jodhpur for you. This inn has a place with the Jodhpur royal family. Absorb the serene and serene environment of Rajasthan. The resort remains a desert spring of hospitable and warm Rajput attractions.

The resort offers you a taste of the old world, with all the state-of-the-art offices of an exemplary resort. Appreciate a royal stay at this resort and be a visitor to the Maharaja’s family.

Location: Circuit House Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

24. Resort Ranbanka Palace

Resort Ranbanka Palace, Resorts in Jodhpur
Resort Ranbanka Palace

The palace structure is one of the Jodhpur resorts, known for its old-world charm with modern amenities and exquisite hospitality for its guests. This palace offers accommodation options ranging from Heritage Classic Suites to Royal Service Apartments. Enjoy modern amenities like a swimming pool, spa, boutique, banquet hall, and bakery, all housed under one roof on this heritage property.

Location: Circuit House Road, Jodhpur

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