You are currently viewing Most Famous Temples in Udaipur which you must visit with your Family

Most Famous Temples in Udaipur which you must visit with your Family

Udaipur, also affectionately known as the “City of Lakes“, has a mix of royalty, mystery, spirituality and art. When you hear the word ‘Udaipur’, you immediately imagine ancient forts and temples, kings and queens, invasions and rich heritage. Udaipur has been a major city since its inception. There are many historical places in Udaipur, Udaipur has always been at the top of spirituality. For travellers who are in search of intricate architecture and beautiful temples, Udaipur is the right place. Here is a list of temples to bring to the spirit inside you:


 Popular Temples in Udaipur

Here are the famous temples of Udaipur that will surround you with spirituality and history:


1. Bohra Ganesh Temple

Located near the Mohanlal Sukhadia University in Udaipur, Bohra Ganesh Temple is one of the oldest in the city. Dedicated to Hindu god Ganesha the temple has a huge idol of him in the dance posture. A popular temple in the region, it is visited by worshippers and tourists alike.

How To Reach: The temple is located at a distance of about 2 km from the city centre and 4 km from the railway station. You can go to this temple by booking an auto or taxi if you are from Jodhpur you can hire a Jodhpur Taxi to reach this beautiful temple.


2. Shree Jagdish Mandir

Temples in Udaipur, Jagdish Temple

Shri Jagdish temple in Udaipur is located just outside the Royal Palace and is considered one of the city’s major landmarks. Believed to have been established in 1651, this temple is considered the oldest temple in the Udaipur region. This three-storey temple is built in the Indo-Aryan architectural style and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Its location near the City Palace complex near Bara Pol, Udaipur brings it to more limelight. There are amazing sculptures on the 79 feet high peak of the temple, making it visible. You have to climb 32 steps to reach the main sanctum of this temple.


3. Shri Eklingji Temple

Temples in Udaipur, Ekling Ji Temple

Eklingji Temple is one of the oldest temples in Udaipur, believed to have been constructed in 971 AD. It is a complex of 108 temples dedicated to various Hindu deities. A highlight is the four-faced idol of Lord Shiva, the main deity of the temple. The idol is intricately carved out of black marble sandstone. This 50 feet long puja and art depict the four forms of Lord Shiva.

How To Reach: The temple is located on the north side of Udaipur. It is on Highway No. 8 and is at a distance of 22 km from the city centre. Local transport is easily available from the city centre to the temple.

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4. Shri Mansapurna Karni Mata Temple

Situated near Doodh Talai Lake, Shri Manasapurna Karni Mata Tirtha is one of the prominent temples in Udaipur. It was built by Maharana Karan Singh in 1628. Situated on the Machala Magra hills, the temple can be reached through a ropeway. This 6 seater ropeway starts from Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park. It takes 5 minutes to reach the top from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the landscape. The best time of the day to visit this temple is in the evening. This is when you can get a spectacular view of the sunset from the cable car.

How To Reach: The distance between Karni Mata Temple in Udaipur and Udaipur airport is around 24 km. This temple is located at a distance of just 4 km from Udaipur City Railway Station as well as Udaipur City Bus Depot. Local Tonga, auto-rickshaws and taxis are easily available from all these places.


5. Mahalaxmi Temple

It is believed that the Mahalaxmi temple was built by former Maharana Shambhu Singh. It is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. She is praised as the inner goddess of Shrimali society. Hundreds of devotees and tourists visit this temple daily, especially on the day of Diwali.

How To Reach: Situated just 3 km away from Udaipur Railway Station, Mahalaxmi Temple in Udaipur can be reached in 10 minutes by bus or auto.


6. Mahakaleshwar Temple

Mahakaleshwar Temple is one of the most famous temples in Udaipur, which attracts tourists and devotees throughout the year. this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Situated near the Fateh Sagar Lake, this 900-year-old temple houses an idol of Lord Shiva which is carved out of a huge black limestone. Rudrabhishek Aarti is a special attraction here. The temple complex has several small shrines dedicated to various deities of the Hindu gods.

How To Reach: The temple is located on Rani Road in the Ambamata area of ​​Udaipur, easily accessible by buses, private cabs and auto-rickshaws.

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7. Neemuch Mata Temple

Neemuch Mata Temple is one of the most famous temples of Udaipur. Perched atop the lush green Deolali hill, this shrine overlooks the Fateh Sagar Lake. The presiding deity is also known as Ambaji and is believed to be the home goddess of the Maharaja of Udaipur. The ‘Havan Kund’ situated in the sanctum sanctorum of this temple is a special attraction. The temple offers a panoramic view of the surroundings and the lakes beside the entire settlement below. The temple can be easily reached via a trek or by climbing a flight of stairs which is about 900 meters in distance.

How To Reach: Situated on the banks of Fateh Sagar Lake in the Shilpgram area of ​​Udaipur, it is at a distance of 7.5 km from Udaipur Railway Station and well connected by buses.


8. Gupteshwar Mahadev Temple

The Gupteshwar Mahadev Temple, located on the outskirts of Udaipur, is a popular Hindu temple in the region. This temple is in a cave situated on a hill in Titardi village. Gupteshwar Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, also known as Mahadev. There is an 800-meter long climb on the hill to reach the temple.

How To Reach: The temple is located at a distance of about 8 km from Udaipur city centre but there is no proper connectivity. The best way to reach the temple is by taxi or private vehicle.

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9. Sahastrabahu Temple

Sahastrabahu Temple is one of the most popular temples of Udaipur. The meaning of the name Sahastrabahu is “one with a thousand arms”. It refers to Lord Vishnu, the main deity of the temple. It is often addressed as Saas-Bahu Temple by the local people. And considered a unique symbol of the cordial relationship between mother-in-law (mother-in-law) and daughter-in-law (daughter-in-law).

How To Reach: The temple is located in Nagda village of Udaipur district, about 23 km away from the Udaipur city area. Regular buses and taxis are available to reach here.


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