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Photography Sports in Jaisalmer

Situated amidst the enchanting Thar Desert, the city of Jaisalmer occupies a unique place among the scenic spots spread across Rajasthan. The city of Jaisalmer is recognized by both Indians as well as international visitors. The name Jaisalmer conjures up an amazing image of the absolute wonder and elegance of the desert. The aggressive landscape that does not tolerate the warmth and color of the people is simply overwhelming.

Jaisalmer city is also known for its Havelis. Among many of them, you will find Salim Ji Ki Haveli and Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli the most luxurious. There are other historical monuments as well, which are essential because of their unique and individual structure. The combination of historical and medieval era structures will capture your elegance.

These are the best Photography Spots in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Fort

Photo Graphy sports in Jaisalmer
Photography spots in Jaisalmer

Truly an architectural marvel, Jaisalmer Fort is one of the best places to visit in Jaisalmer. The wonderful palace hides in the night, turning into the wonderful sweety golden hue that conveys an eerie element amidst the beaches of the splendid Thar Desert. The fort appears as a symbol of Rajput heritage. It has won and beaten many battles. The main attractions of the fort are the Raj Mahal, Jain temples, Hindu temples, and merchant Havelis.

Sam Sand Dunes

Photography Sports in Jaisalmer
Photography Spots in Jaisalmer

A trip to Jaisalmer is rarely complete without visiting the sandhills in the Thar Desert. Among the many amazing places to see in Jaisalmer, the sandhills in Sam are the most amazing places to visit. Featuring small hills in the heart of the Thar Desert, these sandhills are the ideal place to leave yourself in the desert region and appreciate its magnificence. Sam Sand Hills allows its visitors to look around the cliffs and gorges of the hills during camel or vehicle safaris. At night, campfires are structured with personalized music and dance that offer a glimpse of the city’s affluent lifestyle. If you are planning to enjoy a coveted holiday in Rajasthan, then desert safaris in Jaisalmer are an important tourist activity.

Patwa Ki Haveli

Photography Sports in Jaisalmer, Patwa Ki Haveli
Photography Spots in Jaisalmer, Patwa Ki Haveli

A wonderful example of a complex structure that traces the demise of a wealthy merchant, Guman Chand Patwa. It is one of the largest Havelis in Rajasthan which preserves beautiful wall art, wonderful jharokhas (balconies), arches, and entrances. Patwa ki Haveli is a group of five special Havelis who were blessed by Guman Chand Patwa for his children.

Khaba Fort

Photography Sports in Jaisalmer, Kumbha Fort
Photography Spots in Jaisalmer, Kumbha Fort

Khaba Fort is an abandoned and crumbling fort in Thar that has become a den of peacocks in the morning. Hundreds of them descend here with peahens at the break of the day and are fed by the local villagers. The small fort along with its beautiful fields and wandering animals also provides a good view of the village. Faded posters and scattered artifacts also give an eerie charm to this fort. For photographers who want to go off the beaten track, this is the perfect offbeat option!

Tazia Tower

Jaisalmer is famous for its structural marvels, and the Tajia Tower is one of them. Considered to be one of the best places to see in Jaisalmer, this five-story monument represents the structural prowess of the Rajas of Jaisalmer and their brotherhood with different regions.
A perfect blend of charming records that is steeped in the rich lifestyle and breathtaking charm of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is one of the best holiday family destinations in India. History lovers, nature lovers, honeymooners, adventure enthusiasts, and visitors – there is every ingredient to satisfy and overwhelm you. Unleash the well-placed moves of Jaisalmer and be captivated by its elegant appeal, strong elegance, and genuine effectiveness.

Gadsisar Lake

Photo Graphy spots in Jaisalmer,
Photography spots in Jaisalmer,

With its blue waters, crumbling yellow temples, and relative solitude, Gadsisar Lake is the perfect place for a date with your DSLR. Fiddle with the settings and experiment with the lens without the city rush. You can snap a catfish happily popping its head out of the water while the sun shines on the waves around you! Folk musicians and small vendors near the lake entrance also have colorful set-ups. Another great bonus is the migratory birds that stop by on the way to Bharatpur during winters.

Vyas Chhatri

Photography Spots in Jaisalmer, Vyas Chhatri
Photography Spots in Jaisalmer, Vyas Chhatri

Perched on a small hill, Vyas Chhatri boasts sandstone tombs and a wonderful view. The carved stone structures are dedicated to the famous sage Vyasa and make for an interesting subject as well as a nice backdrop. The best time for photography is around sunset. The distinctive architecture of the chhatris not only stands out in the fading light, but the slight elevation ensures a spectacular view of the open desert to the west.

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